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A Very Willy Christmas

2_A Very Will Christmas

Since 2002, Will Michalopoulos has been creating his holiday CD. It started out as a CD for family Christmas parties, but as the number of recipients grew, the idea of using it as a fundraiser was born. The holiday mix has evolved into a major fundraiser for cancer research and has grown every year.


Creating A Very Willy Christmas is no small task. There is a lot of time taken in the development of the music for the CD as well as the actual production of 600 copies. Will also works with a creative design team to create the booklet, which has a different design each year. In total, it takes about 12 people to make A Very Willy Christmas happen.


He remains a one-man show when it comes to the actual distribution of the CD. Will buys the envelopes, stuffing each with a CD and a solicitation letter, and coordinates the proper label – it’s a lot of work! Will explains that in the past, the collection of cash and checks was the most difficult part of the fundraiser. However, utilizing the V Foundation DIY landing page has changed all of that. The landing page has made the collection and tracking of funds nearly turnkey. The number of donations via check decreased by more than half and has allowed Will to track donation totals much more efficiently.


With the growing success of A Very Willy Christmas, Will still remembers where it all began. Being able to combine his passion and love for music with an amazing cause is indescribable and keeps him going year after year. The feedback from the recipients of A Very Willy Christmas not only inspires him, but it also keeps him humble.