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A Night Out

2_A Night Out

When Greg’s friends learned he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, they knew they had to do something to raise his spirits. They aimed high and tried to figure out how to get in touch with Coach Mike Krzyzewski, “Coach K”, Duke University men’s basketball head coach and V Foundation board member. When connections to Coach K were found, they reached out to ask if he would write a letter to Greg. Coach K did so much more – he called Greg. Two phone calls and one written note later, Greg could not have been happier. It was a joyous topic of conversation for Greg and gave him extra strength during his battle.


To thank Coach K for what he had done for Greg, Todd Lowman reached out to the V Foundation to set up a fundraiser in honor of Greg. They had everything ready to go; but Greg’s health took a turn for the worst, and he passed away. Todd and the rest of the crew couldn’t decide if they should move forward with the fundraiser, as it was scheduled for the same day as Greg’s funeral. Though the loss of their dear friend Greg was extremely fresh on their hearts, they decided to host the fundraiser as planned. They thought it would be the best way to honor Greg. And the town showed up. The fundraiser raised $45,000, and it is getting us closer to Victory Over Cancer®!